2021 Grant Spotlight: First Tee West Texas

First Tee focuses on building character in our youth through the game of golf!

Date icon October 5, 2021
Tag icon Grants, Sports

Wingstop Charities is always looking for ways to highlight the efforts of our brand partners who are out serving their communities! During our spring grant cycle, Dora Braun, a West Texas brand partner, submitted First Tee – a program that teaches kids and teens how to play golf.

It doesn’t stop there. While golf, like any other sport, is a great way to get kids up and moving, it is also a game that teaches crucial developmental skills such as honesty, respect, integrity, and leadership. Seeing as Wingstop Charities is passionate about supporting youth in education, arts, sports, and career, it was the perfect fit.

Through the grant application process, Wingstop Charities was able to financially assist First Tee in training volunteer coaches, purchasing youth golf equipment, and providing free or low-cost programs. It is our hope that through this grant, more West Texas kids will have access to the great game of golf and all the valuable life lessons that come with it!

“I am very passionate about First Tee and their dedication to building character and making golf accessible for our youth,” brand partner Dora Braun said. “I am so thankful to Wingstop Charities for supporting my community and an organization close to my heart.”