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Wingstop Charities

Wingstop Charities encompasses youth and their passions, ranging from education, arts, sports, career development and more. Our mission for Wingstop Charities is Engaging Our Youth in the Pursuit of Their Passions – something our brand partners (franchisees) are already doing.

Whether it’s supporting financial literacy education for youth, recognizing outstanding local student athletes or providing additional educational materials for teachers, our brand partners are working to positively impact their communities.

By providing grant opportunities to our brand partners, Wingstop Charities amplifies local efforts, further engages our brand partners with local organizations and provides a unified approach to make our efforts more impactful and meaningful.

"I love Wingstop Charities because I can influence my community through my personal passion for education."

- Dora Braun, Brand Partner

Team Member Foundation

The Wingstop Team Member Foundation is funded by team members, for team members. The Foundation provides direct support to team members experiencing a financial hardship due to an emergency. One-hundred percent of donations benefit team members in need.


See how brand partner Cheryl Glover and the Foundation impacted team member Ricky Aguilar when he was hit head on by a drunk driver.

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Morrison Family Scholarship

Launching in 2021 the Morrison Family Scholarship Program will create opportunities for first generation Wingstop and brand partner team members to apply for post-secondary education scholarships. The program will support students pursing four-year and two-year degrees, as well as technical or trade certifications from accredited institutions.