Sponsorship Highlight: Challenge Prep Academy

At Wingstop Charities, we believe in the power of education to transform lives, particularly in initiatives that promote literacy and foster educational opportunities for underserved communities.

Date icon February 29, 2024
Tag icon Commmunity, Education, Feature, Sponsorship

About Challenge Prep Academy

Challenge Prep Academy is a nonprofit private school located in Augusta, GA. They believe that academic growth begins while experiencing learning. The school was created to change the longstanding trajectory of students’ lives in the area, that often led to dropouts and incarceration. Challenge Prep goes above and beyond traditional teaching methods and provides unique ways for students to enhance their reading comprehension and writing abilities.

“Just Live” 2023 Film Festival

The heart of our sponsorship lies in Challenge Prep Academy’s visionary approach to education through the medium of film. This platform allows students to demonstrate what they are learning in writing, drama, art, and STEAM classes. They create 3-minute films that showcase a variety of topics and premiere their film in front of a community audience and panel of judges. The winner is invited to debut their film at the 2024 Filmmakers Showcase in Augusta; they even get to walk down a red carpet!

Wingstop Brand Partner Support

At Wingstop Charities, we stand alongside our Brand Partners and support the projects they are passionate about. Wingstop Brand Partners Richard & Joviane Branker shared their reason for nominating the “Just Live” film festival for a sponsorship. Joviane said, “Challenge Preparatory Academy was selected for its uniqueness in programming, while addressing very basic needs of every student who strives to read, write, comprehend, and function in life. It is this type of interaction with students and the community that feeds into their interest and provides a platform to showcase strengths, take a chance at something new, and learn all at the same time. As a result, the students of CPA shine in educational programming.”