Crowned Scholars Receives Wingstop Charities Grant

Wingstop Charities partnered with Wingstop team member, Treece Jones, to gift the nonprofit with $3,000.

Date icon August 21, 2020
Tag icon Education, Grants

Through partnerships and grants, Wingstop Charities empowers youth to spread their wings and reach their full potential; enabling them to build a better tomorrow – for themselves and the world. That’s why Wingstop’s Laketress Jones applied for a grant to help an organization that’s making a BIG difference in the lives of young boys. With the help of a grant, Treece donated $3,000 to Dallas-based Crowned Scholars.

Crowned Scholars is a proactive non-profit organization whose essential focus is to build holistic young black men through academic mentoring, intentional conversations, and civic engagement. Their vision is to help young men recognize and embrace their unexposed gifts, while also educating them on what it means to be a young black man in today’s society. They help build healthy habits that will equip scholars to take on life’s challenges. Watch the below video to learn more!

To donate and help youth like at Crowned Scholars, donate here.